The Murder Mystery Ride featured clever costumes and plenty of prizes.

The Huntsman's Corner


With the 38th Opening Meet of our hunt behind us, memories of all the fine hounds I have hunted over the years come flooding back. Our pack has changed from an all-English pack to a mixture of each of the foxhound breeds that are prevalent in America. With the terrain and difficult scenting conditions, the coyote as quarry, and everchanging coverts, each different breed of hound has opportunities to show the strengths they bring to American foxhunting. On this Opening Hunt Day, we were able to witness the expertise of each and every breed in our pack. This pack pleases me in their willingness to keep trying in difficult conditions, and when one hound appears to lose, another spurs them all on, which makes this sport so much fun, at a walk, a trot and at full gallop. Watching hounds work is most enjoyable and a special treat that not everyone is able to experience. Hopefully all our members do! The season ahead appears to include a more relaxed atmosphere as we look forward to riding with old friends again. We are glad to see MFH Nancy King back in the saddle with us on her lovely new mount. This year looks to be an interesting and exciting one, Tally HO! On November 7, several members of the hunt will be traveling to Albuquerque to enjoy the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Juan Tomas Hunt. Hounds will go out for an exercise session here that day with Cindy Byrne. Please feel free to contact her and go along for the ride! Fixture cards are out and can be obtained from Cindy or Judi. 


Tally HO!

Nancy Mitchell


CHRISTMAS PARTY--Dec. 4. Hosted by John and Cynthia Weed.  I'm sure you all have wonderful memories of their past hospitality.  Members received an email with directions to the Weed's home. 






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