The Huntsman's Corner



















The Huntsman's Corner



















The Huntsman's Corner

This has been a busy summer at the kennel. Hounds have been out three times a week to keep them healthy and happy, and the exercisers have been dedicated to this purpose through these warm, smoky months without complaint. Your huntsman and the hounds thank the Monday and Wednesday leaders MFH Jerry and Cindy Byrne and the members who helped take hounds out. Summer exercise is important to keep hounds fit and sharp and introduce new or young hounds to the pack routine. While the hunting is seasonal, hounds, like horses, must be cared for year-round. This requires dedication on the part of a few members who are willing to spend part of their summer in this capacity, and the hunt could not do without this commitment. Besides the weekly routine, the kennels were deep cleaned, hound yard repaired, and the storage shed was cleaned, repaired and organized. Thank you for your help in keeping our hunt moving forward and our pack healthy and ready.

Our preseason hunting should be interesting this year, with new and young hounds who appear to be very excited to get to work and may be a challenge for our whips. I am looking forward to seeing these youngsters make their places in our pack. Looking toward the coming season, and bearing in mind the weather, staffing and health mandates of the last two seasons, this season's fixtures will appear somewhat differently. The meets will follow the same schedules as before until December, at which time the midweek hunts will be determined by those issues we have encountered the previous two seasons.

With the permission of the masters, and the knowledge that hounds need to go out, the type of meet will be decided within the previous 24 hours and transmitted to the membership. Weather, staff, CDC edicts and/or participation will determine whether hunting, exercise or walk outs will be in order. Thank you for continuing to support our sport. The hounds and I enjoyed sponsoring and donating prizes to the Fundraiser!


Tally HO!

Nancy Mitchell

Fall Schedule

Tentative Exercise Schedule

(Please call for information regarding whether exercise is mounted or on foot) and weather Nancy 303-909-9975 C/T    Cindy 303-514-4068 C/T Jerry 303-841-2011 Leave msg



Wednesday 1 2:00 pm - Exercise      Sunday 5 9:00 am - Exercise/training Wednesday 8 2:00 pm - Exercise/training     Saturday 11 9:00 am - Exercise

SUNDAY 12 9:00 am - Pre-Season Hunting begins

Wednesday 15 2:00 pm

Sunday 19 9:00 am 

 Wednesday 22 2:00 pm

Sunday 26 9:00 am

Wednesday 29 2:00 pm



Sunday 3* 10:00 am

Wednesday 6 2:00 pm

Sunday 10 10:00 am

Wednesday 13 2:00 pm *time change.

Please remember that Pre-season Hunting is at the invitation of the Masters. All current members are invited. Guests should request an invitation and must be accompanied, file a release and pay a cap.

















The Murder Mystery Ride featured clever costumes and plenty of prizes.

We will also have a tack sale as an additional fundraiser for our hunt at the Murder Mystery Ride.  Plan on donating your unwanted clean and gently used tack to this event AND come and shop!

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