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The Huntsman's Corner



















The Huntsman's Corner


Hound walks have gone well, and hounds have been terrific at keeping the youngsters and their enthusiasm in check. Beginning in June, hound exercise will most probably be accelerated to horseback, depending on the weather and the needs of the leader at that time. It will be important for you to check with the listed leader for that day to determine any variation in the schedule. The anticipated schedule is included in this newsletter, and changes will be notified by email. We are looking forward to a relaxed but necessary exercise of our hounds through the summer, to ready them for the upcoming season. We hope to see a return to normalcy in our meets this fall. The recent moisture has limited some of our exercise sessions but bodes well for the growth of cover in the hunt country as well as welcome moisture to the farmers and hay growers in the area. We enjoy members joining us for these relaxed wanderings with hounds during June, so plan on coming out and walking or riding with us, just let us know you are coming.

Tally Ho!!

Nancy Mitchell

Tentative Exercise Schedule


(please call for information regarding whether exercise is mounted or on foot) and weather:

Contacts: Nancy 303-909-9975 C/T Cindy 303-514-4068 C/T Jerry 303-841-2011 Leave msg


Friday                  18 *8:30 am  -  Nancy   

Monday               21  8:30  am  -  Nancy   

Wednesday         23  9:00  am  -  Cindy  

Friday                  25  8:30  am  -  Nancy   

Monday               28  9:00  am  -  Jerry   

Wednesday         30  9:00  am  -  Cindy


 Friday 2 8:30 am – Nancy

With summer events, these schedules may change, cancel, or be with a different leader for the day. Please check Facebook or email or call the listed leader for the coming session. But do come along, members are ALWAYS welcome, and guests with permission.

















                                                                                   COMING THIS SUMMER

Our BSH 2021 Murder Mystery Ride

     August 28, 2021.

at Spring Gulch

There has been a murder at the home of the Bijou Springs Hunt and you and your team of mounted sleuths must solve the crime!

Prizes and fun for all



We will also have a tack sale as an additional fundraiser for our hunt at the Murder Mystery Ride.  Plan on donating your unwanted clean and gently used tack to this event AND come and shop!

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