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November Calendar

 Wed          2           2:00 PM        Hound Walk - Mitchells

Wed 2-Sat 5       W2PM-10AM Arapahoe Rendevous – info to follow

Saturday    5           9:00 AM       Caza Ladron Opening Hunt


Wed          9          2:00  PM        Hound walk -  Berlemann


Thursday 10-Sun 13 10:00AM    Juan Tomas 52ndOH, 50th celebration    and Hunt Ball - info to follow

 Saturday  12            9:00 AM      Brazos Valley Hunt Opening Hunt

 Sunday    13          11:00 AM     Trail Ride hosted by MarySusan Costa  And Annie Berlemann                                  

Wed        16          2:00  PM       Ratcatcher at H/G


Saturday 19         11:00  AM     FLH Flintwood Hills invitation

 Sunday   20         11:00 AM      Abbott Ranch

 Wed        23          Thanksgiving Break

Sunday    26         11:00  AM     Wiens Ranch 

Wed       30           2:00  PM      Hound exercise Pendragon 

Alto and his handler, Hiram Oswald,  show off their costumes at the BSH Halloween hunt at Pendragon.

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