Fr. Tom and Paul King-Opening Hunt 2022

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Ian and Mary Susan Costa at the Masters' Dinner. Ian received his colors and Mary Susan received her buttons.

Huntsman's Letter


Closing Hunt for the 38th season of the Bijou Springs Hunt was a good one. After a week's reprieve, the coyotes decided they could take us for one more (make that several) spin through the trees. In the rising wind, hounds found, lost, and then regained the line through the home pasture, the south Iron Mountain rock pile, (where the scent was very strong), into the east brush field, and then south into the draw at the foot of the Wonderland complex. Heading hard along the SE face of the bluff, this line appeared to be our old friend, the Wonderland coyote, as he followed the oft-run track into the Weisman property. This time, however, he cut into the South Pine Ridge, and apparently was drawing us into a circle, by which his mate, or friend was able to escape under that fence line. After circling three times in these woods, cut by numerous water runoff ravines, the line led back toward Wonderland, and disappeared after a short stop at a newly dug den. At that point, hounds lost and spent some time digging and working around this new excavation. Hounds were lifted and watered at the nearby tank and directed toward the "breaks" where they promptly found again, dropping into the big slough, and through the middle pasture fence line, around the yucca field and back along the fence line headed east. One more circle back, and the loss was complete. (which the staff was pleased about at this point). Blowing end of the hunt, we headed toward kennels, and mournfully blew for kennels, one last time. It was a good hunt to end the season on, and your huntsman was very pleased with the houndwork. We were treated to a marvelous hunt breakfast in the headquarters, afterward. Thank you MFH Nancy and Paul King. Mounted exercise will start shortly, and the schedule will be mornings at 9 am Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I am still looking for some willing retirement homes for a couple of our good old guys, who deserve a soft finish to their hunting lives. Let me know if you would like some information on them. Tally Ho!

Nancy Mitchell

We are no longer exercising hounds at the LazyK11 Ranch. Check our Bijou Springs Hunt Facebook Page for new times and locations.


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