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Welcome to our website.  We hope it gives you an idea of what hunting with us offers you.  We enjoy the grand sport of traditional English foxhunting which is adapted to our Colorado lifestyle. 


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Come Ride With Us

Hounds foxhunting at Bijou Springs in Colorado
Horses and hounds foxhunting at Bijou Springs in Colorado
Our Staff

Our staff members are all volunteers who give many hours of their time to assure the membership a wonderful foxhunting experience each time they ride.  Our Huntsman is Nancy Mitchell and her permanent staff consists of Meridith Hatterman, Jim Hatterman, Kelly Walsh and Mary Susan Costas..  Be sure to treat them with the courtesy they deserve.

Foxhunting hounds at Bijou Springs in Colorado

Our Hounds

Our hounds are our greatest asset and are the product of careful breeding for voice,  biddability and scenting ability. We currently have a combination of  English, crossbred and Penn-Marydell lines.

Foxhounds hunt by scent and are generally used as a pack. They are gentle and kind by nature and very trainable.

Coyote quarry foxhunting at Bijou Springs in Colorado

Our Quarry

Our quarry is the coyote, which is faster, larger, and more cunning than the fox and is more common in Colorado.

The coyote is a member of the canid family. They resemble a dog in looks and weigh from 25-40 lbs.  Their color is a greyish tan. 

We hunt for the thrill of the chase and not the kill, leaving our wily quarry to play another day.

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